“On the Shores of Serenity”

A 3.7 acre beach community, with an array of 37 isometric villas, that serve as a gateway to serenity and bliss. A perfect vacationing spot by the shores of Mahabalipuram. Eat, dive, surf and play on the private beach, while the sea serenades you. Immerse yourself in La beach and find the hidden treasures of life by the shore.

Status: Ongoing Project

24 Hrs Security

Shuttle Service

CCTV security

Wifi Zone

Solar lights

Back-up generators

La beach is a 3.7 acre project situated on the Five Rathas Road at Mahabalipuram. It basks in the glow of the sun by the shore and offers its patrons an experience unlike any other.

Location Map

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What’s here?

  • beachInfinity Pool
  • restaurantSea view Restaurant
  • barPub
  • spaSpa
  • beachlPrivate Beach Lounge

La beach transports you away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Dive into the infinity pool that confluences with the sea, dine at the world class sea-view restaurant and unwind in the pub & gaming area that offers its patrons fine liquors from around the world and a spa & health club that keeps a check on fitness and resurrects your senses to newer dimensions of pleasure. Finally, a private beach lounge that sets you free from the burdens of the material world.

Luxury Pool Villas

Every villa boasts of a swimming pool, a sky bath, a floating bedroom and an open dinning. Extravagantly pampered with opulent amenities, La beach indulges the penchant of its patrons to unwind. Each villa is perched prettily on a 2840 sq.ft plot with a Villa area 1125 sq.ft and Swimming pool area 211 sq.ft.